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Retired Storm Chaser
Brian Osburn

Back in 2011, Storm Chaser Brian Osburn covered the Los Conchas Wildfire which threatened Los Alamos, NM. He realized that his current website,, was poorly named if he continued to cover events such as this.

He struggled with a new name, until one day when he thought himself to be "a crazy mother ****er" for daring to do the wild, unpredictable things that his growing audience loved.

Brian hit on the double entendre immediately. He was the crazy mother live streaming the events when Mother Nature seemed to go crazy.

That is how this website got its name.

Brian Osburn is retired and now living in Cuenca, Ecuador. Even though he will no longer live stream from within the eyewall of landfalling tropical cyclones, he maintains the capability to locate other daredevils who live stream severe natural events and feature their broadcasts on this site.

So whenever a tropical cyclone or tornado outbreak threatens lives and property, tune in here and click on the "Live Storm Coverage" link. We may have a very interesting broadcast up and running.

CrazyMother.TV also contains a historical record of Brian's adventures, as well as "Special Projects" that include his published novels and short stories, and a very special fan effort by CJ Putt, who gleaned thousands of hours of video to create some very funny and musically popular audio files we call "RADIO CRAZYMOTHER.TV"

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